Ask Us Anything! Your Elder Scrolls Online PVP Questions Answered!

Zenimax Online, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online, have answered another round of questions asked by fans. This is the fourth set of questions that have been answered the focus this time is on PVP.  Quandaries were made about siege weapons, resource management, ranking systems, and stealth. When asked about siege weapons Zenimax was able to give a few details. All siege weapons will be bought with Alliance Points, a currency earned in PVP. There are at least four types of siege weapons: rams, ballistae, catapults, and trebuchets. Rams are mobile while the others are stationary however they can be packed up and moved after being deployed. They were asked about the strategy of capturing areas around an enemy keep to starve it of resources. They developers explained that these areas around the keep are lumber mills, farms, and mines. These points apply bonuses to different parts of the keep. Lumber mills apply bonuses to doors, farms help the keep guards and mines reinforce walls. Taking these objectives will strip the keep of the corresponding bonuses as well as guard patrols in the area. “So it’s always advantageous to take resources before laying siege to the keep itself.” MMO players love their progression systems. They are happiest when they are working towards some larger goal, even if that goal is just a line of text above their character’s name. Zenimax gave a few notes about the PVP ranking system, “You can earn Alliance Ranks, which grant titles and let you purchase weapons and armor. There’s also a PVP skill line that you can get new abilities from-we’ll have more details about that later.” The first question that popped into my mind when reading this quote was, “What kind of weapons and armor?” For many years World of Warcraft struggled with finding the right balance between the rewards you could get from raiding and those earned from PVP. Many times players felt forced spend a lot of time in an activity they did not enjoy to stay competitive at what they wanted to do all along. Hopefully the developers have been taking notes of Blizzard and other companies that have gone through this process already. One of my favorite archetypes in fantasy games is the rogue. I love being able to sneak around undetected and strike targets from the shadows. I enjoy being able to escape from tough situations by disappearing before my enemy’s eyes. I like to gaze from afar as they frantically search for me. Unfortunately this can be a frustrating experience if you are on the other end. Discussing stealth they said, “There are a few different ways you can detect sneaking opponents. For example, player who’s sneaking is revealed upon taking damage. There are spells that can detect opponents who are trying to sneak around. It’s also important to remember that sneaking uses stamina.” My dreams of dashing through the shadows causing havoc are crushed. No, all of this is pretty standard for MMOs. Anyone who has ever fought a stealth class knows how frustrating it can be. The power to choose your fights is a mighty one and should come with some drawbacks and counters. This is not the end of this series of Q & A, they said “We want more of your questions!” The developers have been consistently posting answers every two weeks for the past couple months. You can read the full text HERE.
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