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Fans of Dragon Age: Inquisition got some fairly good news the other day as Bioware finally announced how they would be approaching game saves for their next major entry into the series. With The Dragon Age Keep, we should no longer have to worry about whether certain actions we did in Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II will carry over. Now we can just build our history from the ground up so that we know it will be in the next game. This is a good way to alleviate the problem of having so many choices and it gives people who pick up the game for next gen consoles the ability to play with their own Dragon Age history still intact. I hope this turns out to be truly extensive other wise it will just be another Genesis comic that glosses over a lot of the minute but necessary details, and hopefully, those actual choices we made will be accounted for and not just railroaded into the same scenario for everyone despite how major the choice was.

One thing that worries me with the Keep though is that it will be cloud based, meaning the internet will have to be involved. What about those who do not or cannot use an internet connection for the game? What about those who just want to jump on and have an offline single player experience? Bioware says they are still looking into ways to import saves into the cloud but that still means they have to use the internet in order to play the game. As much as I like the fact that I will be able to make sure my DA:O history is properly represented thanks to this cloud, some people may miss out if a proper save import feature is not worked out. With the extra development time for the game, Bioware can hopefully get something worked out that benefits all the people who want to play the game. Check out the Bioware blog and sign up for the beta, maybe you'll get to play around with the new Dragon Age Keep when it launches.

In other RPG related news, people recently found out that the The Elder Scrolls Online will have a monthly based subscription. As popular as the The Elder Scrolls games are, this seems like a very unpopular decision for them to make. Personally, I'm already paying $60 a year for my Xbox Live service, as much as I want this game, I don't know if I'm willing to pay another $15 dollars a month in order to play online. Especially if a lot of people on my friends list don't bother to get the game. I have never been into MMOs so paying a monthly subscription to play just one game is very foreign to me. If this were a PC only game, I can see why they would be doing this. With this game being on consoles as well, I'm not sure how well this will work out for Bethesda. Having to pay for the game, pay for online multi-player, and then pay another cost to play the game online each month might keep a lot of people away.

I understand that making huge games costs a lot of money and this is a good way to keep things up and running smoothly all the time while still delivering a lot of of content. I wouldn't mind trying it at a lower price. If I buy the game and really enjoy it without the addition of multi-player, maybe then I might be willing to jump into that online realm.

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