Kombating Sexism: Good Job, “Mortal Kombat X”

Kombating Sexism: Good Job, “Mortal Kombat X”

I love fighting games. I am a button mashing, move-repeating, son-of-a-gun. No one likes to play with me. Sometimes even computer-driven the opponent stops the middle of the fight and says Mom! mom! Sunday keeps doing the same move! Trust me, my sister hates me, all of my ex-boyfriends hate me for that particular reason, and assorted people online especially wish I was never born.

Button mashing aside, I love fighting games for their array of female characters that you can play. I think this reasoning lies somewhere deep down in the “I wish I could karate chop a man in half during a street battle” area of my brain. When I was younger, me and my sister would play Super Smash Bros. for GameCube. I would always be Peach and she would always be Daisy. That was the law. 

Older and with more perspective, I always feel a pinch disappointed when I see a terrible selection of female characters to choose from. Especially when those female characters are wearing nothing but tissues which have been pasted on using glue sticks to their private areas. 

Mortal Kombat has always been a fan of unnaturally shaped women fighting in string bikinis. It’s not something I lose my mind over: this is America, after all, and we are swimming in similar imagery. But they could definitely do better. 

When I played Mortal Kombat X, I was SO IMPRESSED with the range and design of the playable female characters. There are so many options! And they look incredible! The proportions make sense and their outfits all have that “training bra” look that you would absolutely fight in if you had supernatural powers and knew how to fight.

My favorite character was D’Vorah, and ever in her bathing suit-bottom, this outfit is so amazing. Not a single string bikini and size DDDx10 to be found!

There are 7 total female characters, which probably beats most fighting fames out there right now (I will do more research about this). 

Here’s an example of the improvements. Sonya Blade in previous games:

And Sonya Blade in X:

So good, Mortal Kombat X. You make women who actually look like they can stand a chance in battle because their boobs aren’t going to fling out and slap their own eyeballs. 

And yes, this is a fantasy fighting game where you can pull out someone’s spine and they still somehow can continue fighting you. But it’s such a nice step up to see female characters that are scary, and not merely there for the boob bounce animation. You could put any of these 7 characters up on a poster and not break the heart of a single mother in the world. 

The game is, as always, highly fun and so violent. But I say we give a big round of applause for the game designers who made a smart choice towards women becoming more authentic looking and even more scary. 

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