Something Old, Something New: A Nintendo Roundup

Something Old, Something New: A Nintendo Roundup

Greetings from my impoverished hovel, which I dug from my hands after spending all of my money on Black Friday clothes (including a shiny new PS4 controller). No one is getting anything for Christmas! Maybe just a few crumpled paper towels or something with a crude smiley face drawn on them, I don’t know. 

With the upcoming present-giving season, let’s take a look at what Nintendo has planned for the holidays and beyond. Anything good? Anything really good?

News Item #1: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Announced

Some of you may remember this title back from ye olde days of Game Cube. You know, the one with the Wolf Link (don’t Google that: the fan art scares me). Nintendo will be reviving the title as the first official Zelda game for the Wii U. But don’t get so excited! The release date isn’t until March 4th, 2016. 

I know Wii U sales are always slumping, so this might give holiday shoppers a teeny weeny reason to add the console to their cart. There’s not a bad Zelda game in my book, which is a self-published piece about how much I like the series. Oh yes, and there will also be an Amiibo figurine to commemorate the whole Link Wolf thing, seen below: 

News Item #2: Nintendo NX Rumors

Nintendo wants you to know that their much-speculated portable console will not just be another 3DS of Wii replacement. No official announcements about the device will be made until 2016, and so many internet people have taken to knitting and gossiping about what the device can and cannot do. 

Most notably, the theory is that NX will be able to play games like Call of Duty, FIFA, and Grand Theft Auto. This would a HUGE brand departure, of course, and so I have my doubts. The ability to play third-party titles has never been a “Nintendo thing,” as drenched in its own brand and products as it is. 

Tsk tsk, gossip lovers. 

News Item #3: Super Smash Bros. Character Leak

According to a mysterious leaked screenshot, there is a rumor that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and his Midgar stage will be released as DLC for Super Smash Bros. on December 3rd. This comes in the wake of an official confirmation of DLC for the game, which is good news for fans who want to beat their relatives with a surprise new character this holidays.

Buuut, as with any leak, there is no official confirmation and it could all be a really good photoshop job. I feel like a lot of these Nintendo news items from this week could all end up being Nintendo lies. 

Personally, I’m most excited about the NX, even though it probably won’t be around until 2017. Anything portable excites me, because I spend a lot of time gaming away from my television/home. Also, I would like to extend a hearty congratulations to all of the hard-working rumor mongers out there this week. May all of your predictions come true!

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