What’s Been Happening, Nintendo?

What’s Been Happening, Nintendo?

I’m excited for a lot of the news coming from Ye Olde Nintendo Factory today, mostly because it involves my favorite things: unverified rumors, RPGs, and ...wait a minute. Video game movies. Oh god. My excitement has been diminished by a third. 

News Item #1: Is This The New NX Controller? 

Nintendo’s upcoming (and highly mysterious) console may have experienced a leak in top secret info. This happened when a NeoGaf user looked into different filings at the US Patent Office to uncover a little sketch of...something:

Is this the entire device itself? Is it just a controller? It looks like it has some wiggly top buttons for scrolling, and then some much more minimal, old-timey buttons below. The whole thing looks a lot like the Wii U, and in fact, it even reminds me more of old versions of the GameBoy. But as an old person who always struggles to learn which buttons do what, it’s nice to see something a little bit more minimal.


But who knows! This could all just be some kind of weird internet prank!

News Item #2: Crossover Characters in Project X Zone 2:

I’m not entirely sure what this game is about because I can’t read Japanese, but all you need to know is that a few beloved Nintendo characters (like Lucina and Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening) will appear in this new Namco-Bandai RPG that looks really really fun. Here’s how fun it looks, and hopefully you’ll have more luck with the Japanese:

Previous cross-over characters already revealed for the game include Phoenix Wright (from the Ace Attorney series); X & Zero (from Mega Man X); Ken, Ryu, and Chun-Li (from Street Fighter); and Segata Sanshiro (from the Japanese Sega Saturn commercials).” (Source Article)

Pheonix Wright! Say no more! Now all we have to do is wait five years for this to come from Japan to the USA. No big thing. 

News Item #3: Yes, Movies Are Happening:

To my everlasting outrage, shock, and horror, Nintendo has officially opened the door to video game movie adaptations after a long hiatus with Super Mario Bros. from 1993. While we already pretty much knew this was going to happen, the news here is that creative mastermind for the company Shigeru Miyamoto will oversee all aspects of the movie production. 

It’s all coming true: the prophesied end of the world after people get sick (and die) from terrible video game movie adaptations. Kiss your loved ones goodbye! And the planet also!

I’m at least excited to play some upcoming RPGs before I die, and it’s always nice to see a little patent speculation and rumors on a weekend. And because I’m feeling generous, I will probably give the upcoming Zelda series a try and watch the potentially hellish first episode. I’m so nice!

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