Where’s The Direct? A Nintendo News Roundup

Where’s The Direct? A Nintendo News Roundup

I’m back in the writing saddle after a vacation in Dublin, where I played no video games at all and mostly just begged people to feed me more Irish cheese while double fisting Guinness. In short, I’m a mess. 

What did I miss in the world of Nintendo new while I was away? Apparently everything. There’s nothing I didn’t miss, so let’s begin!

#1: Weird “Furniture” for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Have you ever wanted to turn your charming little home into a Nintendo World Store? Don’t answer that before you hear that it looks like “store display” furniture is coming to Happy Home Designer. So you can buy a 3DS inside of a 3DS? I’m not sure why this would be appealing to anyone. Here’s a picture:

#2: Hurry! Download This ASAP!

Because we all loved Super Mario Maker so much, designer and Nintendo fan Justin Sink thought to himself, “hmm, they should really do that for The Legend of Zelda. But I hate waiting. Hell, I’ll do it.” Enter the unofficial Legend of Zelda Maker, which is going to all end in tears when Justin is dragged away to prison for copyright infringement and wickedness. Get it while you still can. 

#3: Where is the DIRECT?

The internet people are so angry that Nintendo hasn’t bothered doing it’s customary Direct presentation, announcing new products in a goofy, endearing way. When head honcho Satoru Iwata passed away, they vowed that Directs would continue. But who is going to do them? When? And what would they even show off for their winter releases. In any case, fans are mad. Don’t even bother checking Twitter, it’s just so aggressive. 

#4: Charge Up Your Phone!

Rumor has it that the result of Nintendo’s partnership with mobile game designer DeNA will be announced in the next few days, revealing what kind of smartphone titles we can expect from Nintendo (that isn’t a sad Pokemon app). Can we expect Mario? Can we anticipate happiness? Or will it just be another pay-to-play nightmare that empties our savings when a wayward niece plays on our phone over Thanksgiving? 

#5: Be Marty McFly

In honor of the date Marty McFly arrives in the future in the mediocre yet beloved Back to the Future Part II, Nintendo is releasing the retro game that appears in the film, Wild Gunman, so you can appreciate how far we’ve come since 1985. A long dang way. (Also, note the insult tiny Elijah Wood lays down on this whole gaming experience, maybe not Nintendo’s finest choice). Now that the actual date has passed, can we stop spreading that fake meme of “it’s today!” every day? 

Five pieces of news? I’ll never leave the country again! 

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