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The Mario Party franchise takes a leap into a new generation of gaming! Grab your friends and some Wii Remotes for a fun time.





Nintendo's original Mario Party was innovative in that it recreated in the digital world the rules and mechanics of a board game and then spruced the formula up with a wealth of mini-challenges. That was in 1999 - two years shy of a decade ago - and like clockwork the Big N has released a new entry into the series every year since, each sporting the same fundamentals with new virtual boards and mini-games. Clearly this copy and paste approach to the series is enough for some; the Mario Party titles were all best-sellers on GameCube and Nintendo undoubtedly hopes to repeat the success on Wii. However, if you've been following the series since its inception, as we have, this latest effort really shows its age - both mechanically and visually. Developer Hudson Soft had the chance to recreate or at the very least improve the franchise by taking advantage of the Wii remote, but Mario Party 8 misuses the controller as regularly as it capitalizes on it. The end result is a title that feels like a rushed GameCube project with last-minute Wii controls. If you're playing with your kids you might still have fun in spite of these inadequacies, but most will be bored by the tedious flow of the boards and the mediocrity of the minis.

Let's be honest, who looks to party games for stunning originality, cutting-edge presentation, and engrossing single-player modes? It's Mario. He parties. So will you.

Mario Party 8 has sold extremely well but it seems to be riding the crest wave of previous Mario Party titles, because there’s nothing worth coming back for.

Bottom line is that if you love Mario Party, you’ll still love Mario Party 8. If you don’t love the Mario Party games, this one isn’t going to do anything that will change your mind, even with the Wii controls.

Mario Party 8 is a great title to bring out if you want to have a good sit down, laughing experience with a game. Mario Party 8 is not perfect and leaves plenty of room for improvement in the future, but for those who didn't invest in a Gamecube and now have joined the large install base of the Nintendo Wii, Mario Party 8 is a good opportunity to check out what you have been missing.

A really disappointing (but, as mentioned at the start of this review, inevitably still entertaining) Wii debut for the series. Perhaps the next game will truly take advantage of the Wii controls through and through.

Criticism has often been aimed at Hudson’s perpetual shrug of the shoulders as to how to milk new games from the same old buttons and analogue stick setup, yet here we find all-new motion controls and still no freshness. [Aug 2007, p.95]

Mario Party has never dazzled but this is the dullest it's ever been. [Aug 2007, p.48]

With the core gameplay being dull, the mini-games uninspired and the presentation severely lacking, this is a game that only the most die-hard Nintendo fans will find any worth in.

Simple, pure, childish fun. Wiimote freshens the series, but underneath it all still lies the same old Mario Party in both the good and the bad. [Aug 2007]
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