Ethics and Disclosure Policy

Here at UGDB we like to talk about games. We know that you like to talk about games as well, which is why we strive to make our reviews, previews, editorials, and general content on the site readable, entertaining, and informative.

Ideally the journalism we provide is the start of a conversation, one that we encourage our readers to enter in. After all, the experiences games provide just aren’t as compelling if we have no one to share them with.

This is why we wish to create an inclusive environment for gamers of all backgrounds. The stories video games tell are worth sharing, like any good story. These stories are how we contextualize and make meaning from the world around us, and so the only thing cooler than the game that let us share the world as we understand it is the game that shares a perspective of the world we hadn’t considered. It’s in this spirit that we oppose xenophobia, racism, sexism, and any behavior that attempts to subjugate other minority opinions/perspectives. Silencing these voices leaves fewer stories to be told and fewer games to be made, and the world a poorer place for it.

Now for the day-to-day operations of our writers. We want to be honest and upfront about how conversations start here at UGDB and our relationships in “the industry.” We’re a small and growing forum for discussions about games, and while we generally do not receive review codes or copies of games from developers (more often we’re paying out of pocket for the games we love), it is our policy to disclose this if/when it does occur.

Frequently we are looking at games in beta or Early-Access, as more developers are using this as a tool for feedback and revenue. This has become a common approach for developers to tap a vast pool of testers, and we see it as an important part of a game’s release. Like you, we’re excited to jump into games that we’ve been anticipating, even if they’re early in their development cycle. If we chose to preview games in beta or Early-Access, they will always be labeled as such and will include caveats reminding readers that the game is in an incomplete state, and thus the review is also incomplete.

We want to be above reproach when it comes to our writing, and we want you to enjoy the perspectives of our writers without questioning the motives behind the conversations we’re starting.

If you have questions or concerns, you can direct them to chris@ugdb.com.