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Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 may not quite be the long drive into the end zone, but it’s at least good for a few first downs.


Zombi is a decent port, and although I had some struggles early on coming to terms with the keyboard and mouse controls (especially in the inventory and during combat), I did enjoy running through (and below) the streets of London.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Kojima and his team saved the best for last, bringing the long running story of Big Boss to a close with a bang in gameplay, though a slightly stumbling run in the story. Despite that, the Phantom Pain a must play.

Beyond Eyes

It’s a game that can, and should be, completed in one sitting, and one that’s sure to stick with you, either for its unique mechanics or dazzling watercolor environments, after the story concludes.

Rocket League

Both paid DLC packs and free updates are planned to bring about new cars and cosmetic changes, and if developer support continues, Rocket League could turn into something truly special. Even as it is though, it quickly became one of my favourite games of the year, in a year where we’ve already had a huge number of great titles.

Legend of Kay Anniversary

Other than occasional bouts of frustration brought on by poor camera angles, there’s not much wrong with Legend of Kay Anniversary. That said, in 2015, we’ve seen it all before.

F1 2015

No matter how fun a game is, or how hard the developers worked on it, I can’t recommend someone buy a title that doesn’t work.

Flame Over

Though it may not hold your attention for long, whenever it does hold it you'll be enjoying yourself.

Magicka 2

Magicka 2 is fun when playing alone and much more fun when playing with friends. A few technical and campaign hitches aside, the game maintains the same kind of charm and humour that the original seems to have had in spades.