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This is the best mini I've ever played. It's fun, the play is good, atmosphere is great, music is fantastic and above all ... it's addictive!

Sniper Elite V2

You really feel like a sniper in this game... that is, if you overlook the visual mediocrity, a weak story and the incredibly dumb AI. Overall, Sniper Elite V2 is a major disappointment.

Max Payne 3

The checkpoints aren't that well-placed, which may lead to some frustration along the way... that's the only complaint we have. What we actually want to say is that Max Payne 3 is a fantastic shooter with an unseen filmic flair that even holds up nicely in comparison with Uncharted 3. And that's saying A LOT.


It's far from perfect, but nevertheless this is a great and addictive online shooter gamers will not mind spending months of their lives on. The singleplayer feels like an obligation rather than an inspired part of the package, but then again, nobody buys Starhawk for the offline experience.

Ninja Gaiden 3

Boy, this game is a big disappointment. When an established franchise like Ninja Gaiden sinks this deep, it would be wise for the developer to turn off its life support. The game is graphically strong, but fails on every other level. An absolute shame.


A piece of trash as expected. Do your fellow gamer a favor: when you see Battleship in your local game store, cover it with a copy of a better game. People will thank you for it.

Prototype 2

A fine, if short, sequel to 2009's PROTOTYPE. We had quite a lot of fun playing this game, but an anticlimactic story, weak AI and the lack of a karma system keep it from becoming a masterpiece. Maybe PROTOTYPE 3 will reach the lofty heights Radical Entertainment is aiming for.

I Am Alive

No, this is actually not a bad game. On the contrary, it's short but sweet experience everyone should try out… even if the price is a little steep.

Birds of Steel

With smooth controls, hundreds of detailed planes to fly in and an online co-op that will keep you playing for hours and hours, Birds of Steel is definitely worth a try. Just don't fly too close to the ground; your eyes might not like what you find.