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Among the Sleep

From an interesting starting point, this is not too fail, and finally have the feeling of playing a more horror adventure without being a small child is crucial. How easy it is, how little original and surprising, and above all, how short it is, two and a half hours, at most, 'cause its price, 19.99 €, we certainly seems excessive. But if you really like the genre, and I love that they will keep you anxious and tense, Among the Sleep get it a few times, and it's worth a try.

Super Time Force

Despite how confusing it is in the early stages, and occasionally, when a lot of action focuses on-screen, Super Time Force we liked and entertaining from beginning to end . A proposal without being particularly original works very, very well and thanks to how combining their ideas, and getting us out more than a smile thanks to everyone who keeps winking and absurd sense of humor. Definitely a title to consider for those who are attracted to the proposal, and encourage you to try even in its trial version on Xbox 360, which at least should have. In short, Super Time Force is reasonably extensive-lasting game if we complete one hundred per cent, funny, well made ??and addictive.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Tamriel finally opened its doors to offer an exciting online adventure with serious mistakes that keep you from achieving the greatness of the usual saga.

LEGO The Hobbit

A highly recommended game, even a must if you're a fan of Tolkien and Peter Jackson work recreating his mythical universe in film.

Destiny of Spirits

If you're the type of collectible games of light Destiny Spirits is actually entertaining and even addictive, which does not mean that the paragraph is limited strictly playable and upgradable having constant connection issues, the rhythm paused too, when it's a game that the load should go like a shot. There has to be seen as a strong title independently, but rather a free accompaniment to hang out conquering territories without the pressure of always having the latest model spirit. And in that sense, it works great.


Hi-Rez Studios gives a new twist to the Mobas to offer an excellent and hilarious proposal that has nothing to envy to the giants of the genre.

Deception IV Blood Ties

Deception IV: Blood Ties is a great evolution of a classic saga. It is slightly repetitive in nature and we know that there will be enough users, if you consider that it has never been a media and commercial success-that do not understand the proposal too Tecmo Koei. We do not care, Blood Ties has seemed painfully fun experience than previous installments mechanical features are added in a network that will feel great and extend the life beyond the story mode. Being bad has never been so good.

Pokemon Battle Trozei

Again more of a spin-off of the series Pokémon is far from the quality and depth of the main playable deliveries, something that unfortunately we are too accustomed. Given its relatively low price -7.99 euros, and it is very accessible, it may be advisable for a child or youth fan of the series, do not look too complex experience public. However if you are an experienced player and lover of puzzle games, there are much better titles on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard has totally spot on with his first foray into the land of the free games with a product that is difficult to resist . Accessible from the first minute, hilarious as few and with a capacity to engage beyond doubt. The frenzied pace of their games and they offer all the intensity we encourage them to return again and again to continue to improve so we can create the ultimate deck (if there is such a thing). above all if we add the well-balanced so that there is no difference between paying players and complimentary definitely see no reason to follow in still and do not be here reading and enjoying the great duels of letters Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has to offer you.